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Draw, Draw and Day – Did it help me ?

Draw, Draw and Day… Behind this name hides a small project allowing me to answer one of my problems : Draw regularly.

Draw, Draw and Day : The goal of this project ?

Draw regularly.. A problem that I could not solve normally.
After several tests with different methods, I decided to take a radical measure. On April 1st I made a public announcement (And no, it was not a April fish) on all of my social networks : 1 drawing/sketch per day.
So, I drew having in my mind to improve myself in the drawing thanks to this routine but, after more than 6 months, the result is elsewhere…

Helpful ?

Despite the first goal was to improve me in the drawing, the result is different. During this challenge, It’s the creativity that has developed. And not my stroke of a pen, as I wished !

But what did I learn from this project ? That it’s very important to challenge and do it in public. You can do it thanks to your social networks. This will allow you to condition yourself and have a little pressure telling you “You announced, you must do it”. I admit that it may seem a bit rough but in some situation it’s very helpful !

After DD&D…

Today I put an end to DD&D because unlike the beginning, I no longer feel this difficulty, this challenge. It has become easier. I can devote myself to the development of all the ideas thanks to this Draw, Draw and Day ! So finally, improve this famous stroke of pen… The circle is now complete !

You can find all the drawings on my Lab or on my Facebook page !

And you ? You have already made this kind of challenge whether in drawing, photo or other ?

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