Learn japanese with Erin's Challenge !

Learn japanese with Erin’s Challenge !

In this article, I will briefly introduce another (and the last to date) tool I use to learn Japanese : Erin’s Challenge !

Erin’s Challenge ! I know how to speak Japanese.

Based on the educational DVD of the same name, the website allows you to learn and become familiar with it thanks to various methods.
The concept is very nice and for those who usually to watch dramas, you are not going to be disoriented !

In these 25 lessons, you will follow the main character who is a foreign high school student as in Japanese Lessons with NHK World (here). We find the same universe as the Japanese establishment, the city, etc.

How’s it going ?

One of the differences with the NHK program is that you will study thanks to videos. And that’s why those who usually to watch dramas are not going to be lost !

Each lesson will be divided into several parts :

  • Basic skit : Video with subtitles in several forms such as English, Romaji, Hiragana and Classical Japanese (Kana and Kanji). As well as the script downloadable in text AND audio format. The video is available in the form of manga and questions are present at the end of each sketch to validate your understanding.
  • Practice Skit : Same as the basic sketch but only with the video, script and questions.
  • Key Phrases : Video that explains the key phrases and how to use them from each lesson.
  • What is it ? : Small quizzes with videos.
  • Let’s see ! : Video that presents various aspects of Japanese culture and life.
  • Let’s try : Combines different activities related to Japanese culture as the way to exchange business cards or recipe ideas.
  • Develop vocabulary : Interactive pictures let you learn vocabulary words.

I appreciate it because it allows me to learn and revise the Japanese without problem ! This is a good website to complete with other lessons !


Have you already tried ? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in comment !

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