Strange Beasts - Create your own pet in augmented reality ! - Featured

Strange Beasts – Create your own pet in augmented reality !

April 4, 20173D🇫🇷 Article en Français

In recent years, the boundary between the real and the virtual becomes more and more thin. Whether with the Virtual Reality that immerses you into another universe and allows you to move inside (HTC Vive), or like here the Augmented Reality which does not replace and immerse you in another environment but completes it !

Strange Beasts – A surprising and interesting short film.

If you’ve seen the entire video, you’ll understand. This short film is not the announcement of an app allowing you to create and have fun with your pet… But it’s a video that makes us think about the limits of these new technologies. And if it’s not done, I invite you to watch it entirely !

This short film was directed by Magali Barbé ! I invite you to visit her website. It allows you to know a little more about this project : A short film impacting with a pretty moral.

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