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Japanese Lessons with NHK World !

September 29, 2016 Languages πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Article en FranΓ§ais

I presented in this article the YouTube channel of Julien Fontanier where he puts online Japanese lessons.
Occasionally, the TV channels offer language courses to help us in our learning and NHK World does it.

Japanese lessons…

It’s a program for learn Japanese divided into several lessons and proposed by NHK World Radio Japan. Thanks to these courses, you will learn basic grammar and some useful expressions around a script and good staging !

In these courses, you will follow the story of Anna, who is a Thai student aged 20. She came to Japan to learn Japanese in Tokyo University and thanks to these experiences, practice her Japanese !

During her year she will meet various people like Sakura who aim to teach Japanese language and acts as tutor for foreign students, as well as her cousin Kenta. Rodrigo is a Mexican student and is in the same class as Anna. His teacher Mr. Suzuki and the mother of the dorm !

And ?

With the website proposed by NHK World, you’ll have access to over 40 lessons with the ability to download as well in PDF and in MP3 !

Of course, in addition to these lessons, you can have a table of Katakana and Hiragana with audio pronunciation, vocabulary sheets and tests and some sheets serving as support for the lessons. It helps improve your understanding.

My opinion.

I can’t give you a posed review because I have not finished all the lessons. But the website and the courses are very interesting !

With setting in situation with a scenario and characters helps make fun learning and the possibility to download the lessons in PDF and mp3 is very friendly ! No excuse to learn Japanese !!!

Website : Link

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