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Japanese lessons – Julien Fontanier

September 26, 2016 Languages 🇫🇷 Article en Français

The way to learn Japanese is strewn with pitfalls. For some people, the Japanese seem very complicated. Often we set psychological barriers in relation to learning Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. This doesn’t help to launch and makes us quickly lose motivation. In the end, we find this phenomenon in all Asian languages be it Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. Often the first question that comes to mind is : Where to begin ?

Japanese lessons with Julien Fontanier !

With internet, you can find a significant number of courses in Japanese they are given in French or English. And in this choice, Japanese lessons by Julien Fontanier !

The courses are online on YouTube at this address and it allows you to learn the Japanese language while keeping the impression of having a teacher at your side. What is more compared to learning the language in his books.

Besides giving you the lessons in video, you will have firstly the plan that summarizes all the lessons already online and those that will soon be available. And other, exercises with their corrected allowing you to train and self-evaluate oneself.

In recent days, the assessment on the writing of the Japanese language is online and examination No. 1 will happen soon ! Good luck everyone !

Click on the images !

Sends the exam, we are ready !

I followed some courses with the channel of Julien Fontanier and this is a good way to start learning Japanese smoothly without taking the head.

Thanks to its lessons plan and playlists on YouTube, you can easily navigate the courses and review the points where you have difficulties while going to your speed. Which is I think the most important point. Clear courses, well put together and allowing you to take your time.

You find Japanese courses on :
YouTube – Lien
Twitter – Lien
Facebook – Lien

Some videos :

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