ZERO-DAY - A superb creation with Cinema 4D and Octane render - Featured

ZERO-DAY – A superb creation with Cinema 4D and Octane render

March 29, 20183DπŸ‡«πŸ‡· Article en FranΓ§ais

I particularly love Cinema 4D because this is the software that allowed me to discover 3D! It’s for this reason that I follow regularly the work of the other artists to know what it’s done. And it’s always very enriching!

ZERO-DAY – A short film about our vulnerability to our hyper-connection?

After seeing the video and reading the description of the short film ZERO-DAY, I feel that the subject is to show our vulnerability to our hyper-connection with our devices, our cars, our houses, etc.

In a context of crisis where the United States has created cyber-weapons to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities and try to resist against attacks of Chinese pirates, we ask ourselves questions about our preparation to face this kind of conflict at our level.

The software used to create this short film is Cinema 4D and Octane for rendering!

The project made by Beeple is available for download on his website!

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