The history of the Japanese beauty by the University of Nara - Featured

The history of the Japanese beauty by the University of Nara

September 28, 2016 Japan 🇫🇷 Article en Français

Today, we know Japan as the country of the technology. Even more with the arrival of the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, where the country wants to show its expertise in various specialties such as robotics, 5G, 8K screens and many other ideas. But it’s not just this.

Japanese women across the ages.

Despite the label of “technological country,” I think that Japan is a country that can uncompromising linked the future and the past with its traditions, temples, etc. And it’s always good to remember that Japan has a rich history and the University of Nara shows us with this video.

Thanks to its work, the university shows the history of the Japanese beauty of the major periods. We find (in chronological order) :

  • Jōmon Period – 15 000 to 300 A.D,
  • Nara – 710 to 794 B.C,
  • Heian – 794 to 1185,
  • Shōwa – 1926 to 1989,
  • Heisei – 1989 to today !

The presentation of these different periods is made thanks to luminous cube where a Japanese is confronting her history !

As I explained in my about page, I’m more and more interested by the culture and Japanese history and I find this video really interesting !

Moreover, the video editing is really great.


If you want to know everything about this project whatsoever about research, makeup, creating traditional dress, etc. And you understand Japanese, don’t hesitate to watch the video “Making Of”.


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