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HelloTalk – Practicing easily a language !

After finding several solutions to improve oral comprehension in Japanese, you must to practice ! Without practice, your language level will not progress fast enough, see stagnate ! With the possibility of see your motivation fall and give up on the long term or just to be in the country without any words out of your mouth.

We are lucky to have internet and various tools like smartphones, allowing to find solutions as HelloTalk.

HelloTalk – Practice a foreign language with native speakers.

This is an application available on iOS and Android get in touch with foreign people.

Which is convenient with this application, it allows you to fall on people who learning your language during the search user. Which encourages dialogue, learning and keeps a good relationship on the long term.

Another point, the application allows you to translate directly the sentences you don’t understand, correcting the sentence of your contact and of course record your voice or call the person (audio and video).

The application incorporates other elements that I invite you to discover which “moments”. A wall news where users can share various elements like images, requests for assistance, etc. What makes the lively and really nice application.

An application that I use every day !

After several months (even years) of use, Hellotalk is a very good application to practice both written and oral with native speakers. The economic model chosen is freemium : The app is free with some paid features. Allowing you to test it without spending money and make your own opinion !

Anyway, I use it every day and this is a favorite ! It is a great tool for learning a language.

The pictures were taken on the website of HelloTalk and my phone.

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