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Discover Japan.

February 28, 2017Japan🇫🇷 Article en Français

In a previous article – The History of the Japanese beauty, I explained that before being the “country” of video games, manga and new technologies, Japan has an extremely rich and interesting history and culture. And it’s always good to put them forward.

Japan : The balance between tradition and modernity.

In this video proposed by the Japanese National Tourist Office, its purpose us to review through several locations such as Tokyo, Kyoto and other places of the country a unique perspective between Tradition and Modernity. For our greatest pleasure !

You can visit the website here. In this one, you will be able to access several choices :

  • The first will allow you to see (or review) this video and access various information about some locations such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Fushimi Inari Taisha, etc.
  • The second choice presents interviews with different visitors of different nationalities who have visited the country.
  • And the third redirects you to the website of the Japanese National Tourist Office.

Very nice video that makes you want to go and discover for yourself Japan. And you ? Are you ready to pack your bags ?

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