​Do what you can't by Casey Neistat - Featured

​Do what you can’t by Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat… There are many things to say about it. Inspiring character, creator of high quality video content on YouTube for example. He exploded on this platform since he started the post of a vlog per day mixing the use of timelapse and drone plans in March 2015. Today his channel has more than 6 million subscribers !

​Do what you can’t…

Behind this sentence there is a strong message.

Thanks to this inspiring video Do what you can’t, Casey Neistat explains us that we must never let go and following his dreams and his ambitions… Whatever your entourage and detractors say.

My 7th grade principal. When I was 12 he told me I’d be a loser, that I’d ‘either be working at a gas station or in jail when I grow up’. Never discourage a child.”

I don’t know if his old principal had the message but in any case it went for all the people who watched the video… Either more than 3.6 million !

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