Twine - A platform for creative people. - Featured

Twine – A platform for creative people.

Twine is a platform that connects freelancers with customers who are looking for them in different creative environments.

Twine – A viable alternative for creators and customers.

Their goal is to help freelancers build a network that allows them to collaborate on projects and find paid work.

The website gather freelancers in several creative areas such as 3D design, web designer, writer and many others !
And wants to be a viable alternative compared to other existing platforms on the market. Whether it is for the freelancer or for the customer ! Going to describe itself as anti-Fiverr.

After reading an interview of the founder on this website, I appreciated his vision and I found it interesting to share you this website. Don’t hesitate to read it !

And don’t forget to give your opinion if you have already used it as a freelancer or customer !

Website link.

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