KY-O1L : The minimalist Japanese phone.

KY-O1L : The minimalist Japanese phone.

October 21, 2018Tech🇫🇷 Article en Français

Exceptionally, I’m going to talk to you a little about « hardware » on the blog and to be more specific about a phone: le KY-O1L.

Minimalism, E-Ink: The KY-O1L stands out.

Recently, the Japanese operator NTT Docomo introduced a new phone that is quite special.

On the one hand because it’s the same size as a bank card and on the other it has an e-ink screen! I don’t know if we can do more minimalist. It will allow you to do basic actions (it may be a good idea nowadays) and it doesn’t have a camera!

A future ?

After for the technical part, there are specialized sites..

I am interested by this product for the experience it can offer for users. So, how are we going to design it if this kind of phone is becoming more democratic? It might be good to study about this.

Even if it will only be available in Japan, it may give ideas to other companies to offer products of this type. Hello Sony!
So it may seem silly what I just said, but you should know that it already has an e-ink tablet that seems to work well and usable with a stylus: the Digital paper.

So if the request is growing, we could imagine that it would not only be temporary.

Digital Paper by Sony

And you, what do you think? Feel free to comment on this product in comment.

On my side I will follow that closely! Because even if it will never replace today’s smartphones, these products can be complementary and satisfy some users!

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