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Honda – CyberRace

After the article about Onesal Studio, we stay in the 3D world but not in the same specialty. Which is not unpleasant quite the contrary!

When new technologies merge with motor racing and Honda.

Frédéric Le Sciellour is a designer who, thanks to his work, presents a new approach to car competitions with Honda that is really interesting.

At this moment, I’m working on the hologram, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for my projects and I liked it right away. As well as the car of which I’m a big fan.

The project features an inauguration of the first “Cyber Race” which is located at Japan in Shibuya in 2088.
When I saw the map that describes the course of this race with the different possible interactions with the car or the public, it made me think a little bit about the F-Zero circuit (with the boost zones).

I leave you with some pictures of the car and the different items in hologram!

Feel free to visit the artist’s Behance account if you want to know more thanks to the many informations. It’s really worth it !

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